Click –>> Timeclock

in and out during your volunteer shift from any FAF computer

or use your smart phone to Timeclock if connected to FAF WiFi

Remember your username and password (yep, you might have to write it down but don’t leave it laying around). Ask for help from any volunteer if needed, they all know how to clock in.

If you know your username and password? Only takes 10 sec.

Thank you !!

Food at First kitchen clock

All volunteers, must Timeclock in and out for all Food at First volunteer shifts. This gives Food at First valuable information about its volunteers and will save FAF money in the long run.

Accounts that have 0 hours for the previous 3 months will be archived once a year (this saves FAF $ too) so please timeclock in when you arrive. Note: you can still login with an archived account but will not be able to see volunteer opportunities until your account is activated. Contact patty@foodatfirst.com to have an archived account activated.

Timeclock only works when connected to Food at First WiFi. The WiFi password is listed on a poster in the Food at First dining room. If you do forget to timeclock in or out, or if the internet is not working during your shift. Then simply log into your account and record your hours later that day. Thank you.

  1. Click Timeclock from your own mobile device, or use a FAF computer when you arrive at Food at First for the volunteer shift
  2. Login with your FAF Username and Password (please remember your username and password when you arrive for your shift).
  3. Click Skip to Activities or scroll to the bottom of the screen
  4. Click the shift you signed up for
  5. Click Start Clock , then OK.
  6. When done with your shift, repeat steps 1-4 except click Stop Clock

Thank you for volunteering at Food at First !!

To see hours volunteered at Food at First first Login, then click the Hours tab.  You can also enter previous hours volunteered after your shift has ended and someone from FAF will approve them.