Food at First is making a big push to get all volunteers including head cooks to timeclock in when arriving for shifts and timeclock out when done. This will give FAF valuable information about its volunteers. All accounts that have not timeclocked any hours recently will be deactivated next Spring. Please remember your username and password and please timeclock your shift.  Ask for help if you can’t figure out how.  Most volunteers are clocking in and out. Thank you !!

Timeclock only works when connected to Food at First WiFi. The WiFi password is listed on a poster in the Food at First dining room.

  1. Click Timeclock from your own mobile device, or use a FAF computer when you arrive at Food at First for the volunteer shift
  2. Login with your FAF Username and Password
  3. Click Skip to Activities or scroll to the bottom of the screen
  4. Click the shift you signed up for
  5. Click Start Clock , then OK.
  6. When done with your shift, repeat steps 1-4 except click Stop Clock

Thank you for volunteering at Food at First !!

To see hours volunteered at Food at First first Login, then click the Hours tab.