Come See Our New Home July 12 2015!

faf-open-houseBy now, you’ve probably heard that the Meal Program and the Free Market have both moved to our “new home”, at First Christian Church.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the new operation, this is the perfect time!

There’s a lot to see – the space where our Guests are able to wait indoors (no more standing in line in the sun or snow!)…  the kitchen with a brand new, state-of-the-art dishwasher…  the HUGE walk-in cooler and freezer…  and more!  You can find out what’s been happening with the program, and how “the miracles continue” on a daily and weekly basis.

First Christian Church is right across from the police station, at 611 Clark Ave.  Just stop by for a few minutes – you’ll be glad you did!

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Hope folks will come out and check out how good our FAF Garden is looking. We had a great group come out from Shawnee Park CRC in Grand Rapids, MI (see their pic) and gave service to FAF, both in terms of cooking as well as gardening work.

A reminder that work days are Tues, Thurs from 5:30-7:30 or Saturday mornings from 9-11. Hope to see you there at Trinity Christian Reformed Church at 3626 Ontario in Ames.

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Dill Bread Recipe and Message from our friend Helen

The sustainable agriculture association operates a garden in west Ames for Food at First and organizes the dinner meal on the first Friday of each month. I suspect that the student-organized meals are among the best served at Food at First.

The students harvested rhubarb at my place and made a sauce with caramelized red onions, rhubarb, and balsamic vinegar to go with pork loin. They also made rhubarb crisp. They also got produce from Mustard Seed Farm and their own farm to make what I would call braised kale and a salad.

A friend of mine and I have been providing bread for the meals, using Iowa grains. This time, Jonah made sourdough bread with wheat flour and corn meal. I made dill bread with eggs from my chicken flock and dill weed that I harvested from my garden just minutes before preparing the bread. Here the link to the recipe.

Jonah and I always stay and eat with the group and the guests. At the last minute, I invited the young man, who has been providing horticulture help at my place, and two of my neighbors to come to the meal.

It was a great time. Awesome menu and fine camaraderie. At least some members of the student group know their efforts are a compromise. They make the best of using surplus, conventional produce (such as I assume the pork was) donated by retail stores and probably not the first choice of food for many of us. But they also use as much as they can of produce that they grow or glean. And they know how to create great menus and cook wonderful food. It is fun to be a part of their effort and to get to know the many people at the meal.

If you are in Ames sometime on a Friday evening, come join us for dinner around 5:30 pm.

Helen Gunderson

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Beds are planted

We have successfully planted tasty fruits and vegetables in all beds at the FAF Garden. Hope you come to check us out sometime soon at 3626 Ontario! We have in new drip irrigation and more gardening space than ever.

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Sign up for Food at First Workdays Online

Hey Food at First Garden Enthusiasts!

Just a reminder that you can sign up (or have friends sign-up) for workdays online right here:

Thanks for sharing this with your networks!

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Lovely Spring Day in the FAF Garden–Workday cancelled

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

I wanted to let folks know that we are canceling tonight’s work day since thunderstorms are expected.

Please do join us if you can this Thursday (5:30-7:30) or this Saturday (9-11) if you can!



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Lovely Spring Day in the FAF Garden

Hey folks,

We had a lovely day out in the garden. Found some baby bunnies (which are cute despite the fact that they chomp our veggies) and tried to fix some fencing. We weeded, watered and almost finished planting. We have another week or so to get everything planted. This means we could really use your help with the garden! Please consider joining us. You can see that the potatoes are already coming up and the strawberries are fruiting, which means they will ripen soon. We need more bodies in the garden. I know that many of you give back to the community in a multitude of ways but please consider joining us a day or so a week out at the FAF Garden (3626 Ontario). Our next Workday is Tuesday (5:30-7:30), Thursday (5:30-7:30) and Saturday (9-11). Hope to see you out there. We have lots of herbs and even some greens to take home. We welcome volunteers taking some of the harvest home with them as thank you for your hard work. The season will be even more plentiful in the coming weeks.


FAF Garden Crew

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