Free Market

Free Market Schedule

Monday & Thursday afternoons 4:45 – 5:30 PM

Saturday morning 10 – 10:30 AM

Food Ames Iowa

Fhe Free Market is sometimes moved one day earlier or one day later if it falls on a holiday. FAF always has 3 Markets per week.

FAF Market Volunteers

It’s fun to help in the Free Market. Would you like to help at the Food at First Free Market? click –> volunteer then click Sign-up.  

Food at First volunteers glean food from dozens of sources around Ames. FAF gleaning volunteers collect THOUSANDS of pounds of produce, dairy, baked goods, and meat each week.  A large percentage is utilized for the daily meal program, and the remainder is given away to anyone who can use it to help make ends meet – it has been named the “Free Market“.

Food is perishable so Food at First collects and disperses food at regular Free Market intervals at the times and location listed below.

No need to arrive too early unless you would like to socialize and have coffee. Random numbers are handed to participants just before the Free Market begins.

There are no requirements for recipients (such as income), and no personal information is collected when food is handed out.  We are simply sharing God’s abundance with anyone who needs some help!


Food at First, back door, lower level, 611 Clark (First Christian Church). Look for the Food at First Van usually sitting in the parking lot near the back door right off of 6th Street.


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