The following people know the keyless entry number, which as of 9/7/2012 is:


Berg, Doreen*
Bleeker, Millie*
Bleyle, Amy
Brown, Nancy*
Cornelious, Carol*
Coverdale, Mike*
Elbert, Margaret*
Fenton, Tom*
Gerbracht, Cathy*
Gillott, Ed*
Gowdy, Mike
Haas, Julie*
Kilmer, Lucille*
Martin, Chris*
Mayberry, Patty
Moss, Vic
Padgitt, Steve
Parsons, Mike*
Pelz, Steve
Primmer, Julie & Kevin
Rewerts, Patty*
Schallehn, Jennifer*
Scott, Lisa
Schroeter, John*
Seaton, Don
Shriver, Cynthia*
Steinkamp, Sharon
Stone, Matt*
Vallery, Larry*
Vander Schaaf, Dale
Walker, Scott
White, Bernie
Young, Kyle*

* Indicates Head Chef – all subscribers to will receive the new number, though they may not appear on the list above, since we don’t keep this list in sync with the subscriber list.