These are the most frequently-asked questions about the Food At First program.  If you can’t find your answer here, please email Patty Yoder (patty@foodatfirst.com), and we’ll reply via email.

Q:  I may be interested in helping.  What should I do?

A:  That’s great!  Just click over to our volunteer signup and see if there are any slots open.  If all of the slots are full, please come back again soon, as we’re constantly adding new dates!

Q:  Is there a minimum age for volunteers?

A:  Anyone 5th Grade or 10 years or older is welcome to sign up for a volunteer position!

Q:  I’m taking a class which requires volunteer time, but I need to do it in the next week/month/whatever, and I don’t see any open spots on the volunteer sign-up.  What should I do?

A:  We have tried to encourage teachers/professors to have their students check as far in advance as possible, since we all have a tendency to wait until the last minute.  If there are no slots open, then we really don’t need help at the meal – however, we DO often have other “less glamorous” jobs that could be filled, such as defrosting freezers or mopping floors.  Simply email patty@foodatfirst.com, and let us know your deadline, and when you might be available.

Q:  We have a group who would like to volunteer – how do we sign up?

A:  We welcome groups, as it’s a great way to get to know each other and serve the community at the same time!

  1. look at the monthly calendar
  2. click on the arrows in the upper left corner of the calendar to be able to check on future months
  3. email Patty Yoder (patty@foodatfirst.com), when you find a date that will work for your group and they will let you know if it is available!

You should expect a reply within a week – if you do not see one, please feel free to email again.

Q:  What do the letters on the monthly calendar mean?

A:  HC stands for Head Chef.  Prep is the preparation shift, and S/CU stands for Serve / Clean Up.  If there are letters after these words, they are the initials of the group who is hosting the meal (for instance, CPC = Collegiate Presbyterian Church.)  Details about the shifts are on the meal program page.

Q:  It looks like all of the dates in the near future on the monthly calendar are taken.  Can we still help with an upcoming meal?

A:  You may be “fired up” and want to help in the next few weeks, but we have to plan our schedule months in advance, and by filling the spot now, you’ll save us effort down the road – while still doing that good work you had intended all along.