New Signup Site July 1, 2017!

Hello Everyone!

On July 1, 2017 Food at First transitioned to a new site for volunteer signups!

The new signup is here and has been updated throughout the site and facebook pages as well.

Register for an account one time, after that use your FAF account to sign up to volunteer at Food at First!

FAF know its seasoned volunteers miss the previous sign-up site that you were all used to, but the previous sign-up site was retired and changed to a registration site in June 2017 and Food at First decided to unveil the new volunteer signup site which FAF volunteers had been selecting, investigating, learning, implementing and testing for 2 months since April.  FAF knows there will be a short learning curve as you get used to the new sign-up site, so please take a few minutes and learn the new system.  It really is going to help manage the 1000+ volunteers that keep Food at First running smoothly. What a great thing Food at First volunteers do for the community. Thank you.


Please note that each activity is listed in a separate location now, rather than all in one list.


Thanks and happy volunteering!